Steaks, Roasts, Ground / Cubed, Family Pack, Bones, Organs, Broth


Whole, Boneless, with Bones, Bones / Organs, Ground, Broth


Beef & Pork Smoked Schnizengruben, Smoked Jalapeno & Green Onion, Smoked Cajun, Smoked Italian, Fresh Italian (not smoked), Smoked Chorizo Links, Chorizo Fresh Sausage, Mild Chicken Pan Sausage Country, Italian, or Mexican

Order Online

Using our online forms you can order for pickup at the local markets near you! Or pre-pay security with PayPal and order online a whole, side or a quarter of a cow, the wait time is 6-8 weeks.

Sides of Beef / Quarter of Beef

Sides of Beef: $5.25 a pound of the dressed weight. $400 deposit.
Quarter of Beef: $5.45 a pound of dressed weight.
$200 deposit.
$45 minimum delivery fee.


Available in Glass or Plastic containers in various sizes. 
See our current Price Sheet for pricing.

Made In Texas

Made right here, processed right here.
Texas grown beef you can trust.