Law Ranch Cattle Company

Thank you for visiting our ranch!

We are excited to get to serve Texas as a respected source of clean, healthy, quality grass-fed, pasture finished beef. Please feel free to explore our website and ask us lots of questions. Our family has been proud to run cattle for generations, and we hope to be able to pass on the tradition to our children. 

We never ever give our cattle antibiotics or added hormones. We dry age the entire side for 14-21 days which makes a big, big difference. We have carefully refined grass management for the Gulf Coast so that we minimize the need for processing the grass or hay, while still having clean, healthy, thick grass available to our roaming cattle. 

Check out the Find Us! page to see the best places to buy our meats. We are excited to have an opportunity to stock new stores and restaurants in the near future, as well as continue to sell direct at our farmer's markets. If you come look for us at a farmer's market, be sure you find the REAL us. (We have had other vendors pretend to be us.) If it does not CLEARLY say Law Ranch Cattle Company, it is not us.

We have been told that our beef and chicken is the best on the planet by people that travel the globe. We hope you come meet us in person, so you can see and taste for yourself. You will also find that for the quality of product that we produce, that our prices are extremely competitive and reasonable.

Law Ranch Cattle Company
Ray and Amy Law
​Crosby, Texas 77532

Pasture Raised
Grass Fed and Finished.

  • No added hormones.
  • Never given antibiotics
  • Dry Aged 14-21 days
  • 5 point inspected by the State of Texas
  • Flash Frozen for freshness
  • No saline or gas filled packaging
  • Single Sourced-only one animal in each batch

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Local. Located within Harris County,

but raised like we are in the country.