Where do we go, and when can you find us there?
We try to be at every market consistently, but we do run a ranch, and sometimes other stuff MUST be attended to. We will ALWAYS post on Facebook at least an hour before a market starts if we cannot make it, so a quick search will answer that question. Otherwise, assume we will be there.

We highly recommend you find us at a farmer's market if you have never bought from us before. You will be able to see everything we offer, see the packages, get an idea of sizes, etc.

We do not sell from the ranch, but we might be willing to deliver or meet up with you within 10 miles of Crosby or so and you make it worth our time after you have become more familiar with our offerings. Contact us to see what we can work out.

The calendar is linked to the markets we attend with a map. Scroll down below the calendar to read more about each market. The market names are linked to that market's web page, or Facebook page if they don't have an active web page. Click through to learn more about the market.

We are interested in stocking our product in other stores. If you know of a store that would be interested, please let us know.

We get many requests to see our ranch, however, there is really not much too it. It is a field, with wire fence, with cows standing around, and trees here and there. Because it is just a field, we really do not offer tours, as there is nothing much to see. However, please feel free to contact us about anything, then call, email, text, facebook...see the map of where are fields are located, here. Feel free to drive past. If you still feel the need to be one with the chickens or stand in the middle of a field, call Ray. He will arrange a time to meet you, open the gate, and give you the non-tour. We are not a great agra-tourism spot right now, but we know that sometimes you just want to know the chicken that you will eat, or meet your calf before it is packaged, so you can respect that life that is given better. But really, there is not much at all to see.